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For too long there has been a stigma placed on “that time of the month”, one of the most natural purposes in the world is menstruation. It is a true mark of femininity; it makes us who we are. There is pure beauty in embracing our feminine powers. Mel’Ocracy was created to help women and girls all around the world, realize that we don’t have to cancel plans when “Mother Nature” comes knocking. We simply have to welcome this necessary aspect in our lives. Which better way to do that, but in comfort and style. Periods don’t just belong at the end of sentences; we welcome you to embrace them the Mel’Ocracy way!

We believe staying in tune with our bodies natural processes with natural products is revolutionary. The health of our bodies not only depends on our actions, but the choices in the products we choose as well. What we put in our bodies and on our bodies matter, you matter that is our simple philosophy here at Mel’Ocracy. Our period products are made for all women and teens no matter the age, skin type or how heavy or light your menstrual cycle is. Our period products are free of dyes and fragrances assisting you with having a healthier cycle without all the irritation and discomfort, all while protecting your panties. Say goodbye to the pain and heavy flow. Say hello to natural regulation the feeling is incredible. We offer bamboo, organic and high grade premium products, nothing but Natures best that’s what you deserve!

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We set high standards for our sanitary products delivering only the finest ingredients to our consumer. Our period products contain no artificial fragrance, parabens, pesticides, chlorine, synthetic materials, dioxins or carcinogens. We are committed to delivering organic eco-friendly menstrual products with elements founded by nature.

Satisfaction Guarantee 
It’s not just a statement, it’s our promise!

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We stand firmly behind the value of our products, crafted for excellent quality and refinement, we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with every Mel’Ocracy product you purchase. Why, because we handpicked all products and tested them it for ourselves. We don’t just provide period products to our customers, we use them for ourselves and our families.

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Our commitment to you.

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I was empowered to start Mel’Ocracy when my then eleven-year-old daughter ran in the bathroom and whispered “I have something red down there” the look on her face was full of shame. I sat her down and explained to her to embrace this natural cycle of life. “We are not going to let our periods run us, we are the ruler” I said as I comforted her. This was a total crisis in our lives, because at the time she was already being bullied in school due to her darker skin complexion. Any new event was likely to throw her off even more. It made me think of how embarrassed I was when I “started” as a young child. It’s time to stop that ladies! Let’s embrace all of us. From the start, she experienced discomfort and excruciating pain while on her period. Instead of feeding her the many different over the counter pain products, I decided to research and use essential oils and heat methods to relieve pain. With many trial and error periods, I believe we have a sound formula that will help all women and girls reduce the pain naturally. The incorporation of organic, bamboo pulp, natural products and essential oils has made life much easier. I hope you try our products for yourself, I know you will be impressed!

-With melanin, with light



Hello, I am the teen-preneur behind the brand! I have personally tried our products and they have been a total game changer. They are the only period products I use when it’s my time of the month. My mom taught me to take all my bad days and embarrassing moments and embrace them one at a time. Once you start to be the ruler of your own life, everything else starts to be a piece of cake. This is something we believe in fully at Mel’Ocracy

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