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Luxury black bamboo sanitary pads with leak guard wings, unscented


Are you tired of the norm, that white pad showing when you wear certain clothes? Who said pads have to be boring? Try our Bamboo charcoal disposable sanitary napkins, stay fresh and strut around in style. White to black it’s not just a change in color, it’s our satisfaction guarantee! Our organic bamboo feminine hygiene products , are sure to give you comfort that lasts and a PH thats balanced.


Use organic products and say bye bye to:

External itching/irritation



Unpleasant Floras

PH imbalances

Synthetic Products



Say hello to:


All day protection

A better environment

Sensitive skin friendly produc

Onyx Super

  • All black sanitary pad made with raw bamboo materials, bamboo charcoal fiber to remove and lock in odor, polylactic fiber, skin friendly PH 5.5, no fragrance or lotions added, chlorine free. Breathable PE bottom layer, Henkel adhesive, black release paper. Long lasting protection

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